DTM Scientists Attend Goldschmidt 2017 Meeting

Goldschmidt 2017

DTM scientists Mary Horan, Bradley Peters, Jesse Reimink, and Kei Shimizu will present their research at the annual Goldschmidt conference on August 13-18, 2017 in Paris.

Access their abstracts:

Tracking Hadean Processes in Modern Basalts

Mary Horan

An Elevated 142Nd Signature in the Réunion Mantle Source

Bradley Peters

Crustal Evolution of the Archean Slave Craton, NWT, Canada

Jesse Reimink

Parameterized Lattice Strain Models for HFSE Partitioning between Amphibole and Silicate Melt with Application to Arc Magma Evolution

Kei Shimizu

Organized by the Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry, Goldschmidt 2017 is the premier international geochemistry conference.

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