DTM Seismologist Lara Wagner Talks to the American Geophysical Union's Third Pod from the Sun

Lara Wagner in the field
Fieldwork in South America. Credit: Lara Wagner
Friday, September 06, 2019 

Seismic equipment allows us to peer into the Earth's interior.  DTM Seismologist Lara Wagner explains her science, and the methods behind her science, in the American Geophysical Union's Podcast Third Pod from the Sun. "We use seismic waves in the same way a doctor might use X-rays to image the inside of the human body,"  Wagner explains.  In Episode E21 - X-rays of the Earth's Gooey Center, Wagner describes her work around the world, which entails installing equipment in well-selected remote areas, recording for a long time, then analyzing the data received.  Challenges to her work include "finding somebody who's willing to keep an eye" on the equipment she leaves behind, the difficult terraine, and the various types of "noise" her equipment picks up.  You can listen to Lara on AGU's podcast here.