Four Scientists with Ties to DTM Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

National Academy of Sciences

On 28 April 2015, the National Academy of Sciences announced the election of 84 new members for their current and ongoing achievements in original research, four of which have varying ties to DTM.


DTM Seismometer Registers Nepal's Devasting Earthquake

Nepal Earthquake The devastating Saturday, 25 April 2015, earthquake that shook Nepal was registered on seismometers around the globe, including one located at DTM’s Broad Branch Road Campus in Northwest Washington D.C. This seismometer was not part of a permanent monitoring station, but just happened to be recording on a test pad in a basement laboratory over the weekend. It rather spectacularly passed its functional test.Read more...

Timothy Rodigas Shares Career Advice with Future Astronomers

Timothy Rodigas

DTM Postdoctoral Fellow Timothy Rodigas gave career advice to a visiting class of middle schoolers on how to become a scientist.

On Wednesday, 8 April 2015, Rodigas spoke to the 15 ninth graders from his alma mater, The Buckley School in New York City, about his path to becoming a scientist, specifically an astronomer.


Lara Wagner Recovers Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismometers Off the Coast of the Carolinas

Terry Cheiffetz

DTM Seismologist Lara Wagner boarded the R/V Endeavor in Providence, Rhode Island, on 26 March 2015, to recover broadband ocean bottom seismometers off the coast of the Carolinas during some very high seas. 

Despite periods of 14 foot seas with 40 knot winds during their 10 day expedition, Wagner and her team were able to successfully recover all 30 seismometers that were deployed last year at water depths between 1500 and 5200 meters.


DTM Hosts MESSENGER's 34th Science Team Meeting

Alexander Stark

Over 90 scientists gathered at DTM in March 2015 for the MESSENGER Mission's final Science Team Meeting with its spacecraft still in orbit around Mercury.

Sometime between 12-30 April 2015, MESSENGER will run out of fuel and the gravitational pull of Mercury's surface will slowly drag the spacecraft out of orbit, ending in a final crash onto the surface of the planet. Prior to the end of the mission, MESSENGER's Science Team, led by former DTM Director and MESSENGER Principal Investigator Sean Solomon and DTM Staff Scientist and Deputy Principal Investigator Larry Nittler, gathered at DTM from 25-27 March 2015, for MESSENGER's 34th Science Team Meeting (STM34).


Diana Roman Measures Harmonic Tremors in Mexico's Popocatépetl Volcano

Diana Roman

DTM Volcanologist Diana Roman traveled to Mexico in early March 2015 to study continuous seismic signals, also known as harmonic tremors, she's been recording with broadband seismometers in the Popocatépetl Volcano since June 2014.

Broadband seismometers were deployed by Roman and her team on the volcano back in June 2014. During her trip last month, she monitored and downloaded data from these devices to study in further detail at DTM.