Richard Walker Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree

Honorary Swords
Finish sword, a part of the honorary doctorate ritual.

Former DTM postdoc (1987-1989), and frequent collaborator with the DTM geochemistry group, Richard Walker, now at the University of Maryland College Park, was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Oulu, Finland, in May. 

Rich Walker and wife Mary Horan, a geochemist at DTM, were hosted by Eero Hanski of the Department of Geosciences (now Oulu Mining School), Rich's longtime collaborator on komatiites and ophiolites from the Fennoscandian Shield.  The three-day conferment ritual has roots in 13th century Europe during which conferees receive a traditional hat and sword.  The hat is a symbol of liberty, scholarship, and freedom of research.  The sword represents the scientist's fight for what rigorous research has found to be right and true.  

"The University of Oulu conferred 23 honorary doctorates in the Conferment Ceremony 2017.  Conferment of an honorary doctorate is the highest honor that the University can confer to a person.  Invitations have been made to persons who have distinguished themselves significantly in other ways in the society and for the benefit of operations of the University of Oulu.  Richard J. Walker is a specialist in the study of the chemical evolution and ore formation of the Earth, Moon, and Mars.  He has been in long-lasting collaboration with the Department of Geosciences (now Oulu Mining School) in ore research on the Fennoscandian Shield."  (Source: University of Oulu website).   

July 13, 2017

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