Job Opening: Postdoctoral Research Associate


Applications are invited for a highly qualified and motivated postdoctoral research scientist with a geologic background in computational geophysical fluid dynamics, whose primary responsibility will be to develop new codes to study carbon transport in numerical models of fluid flow in subduction zones. 


April 2017 Letter from the Director: Marching for Science

March for Science

This month’s news from DTM director Rick Carlson is dominated by the March for Science in its various expressions around the world.  In Washington, Carnegie President Matt Scott hosted a breakfast event the morning of the march that brought together well over 100 Carnegie employees, family, friends, and supporters. 


Conel Alexander Explains Why We Should be both Grateful and Afraid of 'Rocks' from Space at his Neighborhood Lecture

Conel Alexander

DTM staff scientist Conel Alexander explained to a sold-out crowd why they should be grateful, but also a little afraid, of 'rocks from space at his Neighborhood Lecture on April 27. The lecture was the second installment of our Spring 2017 Neighborhood Lecture Series.


Congratulations! You Won a Grant Proposal...Now What?

Jessica Moore

Jessica Moore, associate director of financial planning and budgeting at the Carnegie Institution for Science, led a postdoc workshop titled "Congratulations! You won a grant what?" on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, in the Abelson Collaboration Center as part of DTM's Postdoctoral Development Workshop Series. During her presentation, she expanded on the lofty responsibility of managing a grant budget once it is received. 


Postdoc Spotlight: Planetary Geophysicist Miki Nakajima

Miki Nakajima

Miki Nakajima was born and raised in a "small" town in Tokyo. It was unusual, she says, for Japanese people (especially women) to study and work in the US long-term. But ever since she was in junior high she wanted to be a scientist. Today, she is doing interdisciplinary work building theoretical models alongside world-renown experts while mentoring and encouraging the next generation of Japanese students to break out of their shells and explore new worlds, just like she did. 


Job Opening: IT Specialist and Scientific Programmer

Lick Observatory

DTM is currently looking to hire a highly qualified and motivated computational scientist whose primary responsibility will be to provide information technology support for the DTM astronomy group, but who is also willing and capable of supporting the scientific endeavors of the group.