Job Opening: Postdoctoral Research Associate

Tao-Rusty Caldera, Onekotan Island, Kuril Islands. Like the other Kuril Islands, Onekotan lies along the Pacific “Ring of Fire.” The Kuril Island volcanoes are fueled by magma generated by the subduction of the Pacific Plate under the Eurasian Plate, which takes place along a deep trench about 200 kilometers (120 miles) to the islands’ east. The only historical eruption at Krenitzyn Peak occurred in 1952, a week after a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the subduction fault. NASA Earth Observatory image created by Robert Simmon, using EO-1 ALI data provided courtesy of the NASA EO-1 team. Caption by Michon Scott and Rebecca Lindsey.

Applications are invited for a highly qualified and motivated postdoctoral research scientist with a geologic background in computational geophysical fluid dynamics, whose primary responsibility will be to develop new codes to study carbon transport in numerical models of fluid flow in subduction zones. 

The ideal candidate will work in collaboration with DTM researchers Erik Hauri, Cian Wilson, and Peter van Keken, as well as Columbia University researchers Marc Spiegelman and Peter Kelemen. The applicant should have skills and experience in the areas of shell scripting, C/C++, Python, Fortran and/or Perl.

We hope to find an individual who is excited about the opportunity to conduct collaborative, guided research at the interface of numerical modeling, geochemistry, and geophysics. The postdoctoral research position is funded by the Deep Carbon Observatory for 2 years, and the application will remain open until filled.

A C.V., cover letter containing a statement of interest in the position, and three letters of recommendation should be submitted through the Apply Now link below by July 1, 2017. Address any questions you have to All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment and will not be discriminated against on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, protected veteran status, disability, or other protected group status.

May 9, 2017

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