EPL Contributions 2020

(Updated through 25 September 2020)

____  Abers, G. A., P. E. van Keken, and C. R. Wilson, Deep decoupling in subduction zones: observations and temperature limits, Geosphere, in press.

0034  Achilles, C. N., E. B. Rampe, R. T. Downs, T. F. Bristow, D. W. Ming, R. V. Morris, D. T. Vaniman, D. F. Blake, A. S. Yen, A. C. McAdam, B. Sutter, C. M. Fedo, S. Gwizd, L. M. Thompson, R. Gellert, S. M. Morrison, A. H. Treiman, J. A. Crisp, T. S. J. Gabriel, S. J. Chipera, R. M. Hazen, P. I. Craig, M. T. Thorpe, D. J. Des Marais, J. P. Grotzinger, V. M. Tu, N. Castle, G. W. Downs, T. S. Peretyazhko, R. C. Walroth, P. Sarrazin, and J. M. Morookian, Evidence for multiple diagenetic episodes in ancient fluvial-lacustrine sedimentary rocks in Gale Crater, Mars, J. Geophys. Res. Planets 125, e2019JE006295, 2020. PDF

5910  Ackerson, M. R., G. D. Cody, and B. O. Mysen, 29Si solid state NMR and Ti K-edge XAFS pre-edge spectroscopy reveal complex behavior of Ti in silicate melts, Prog. Earth Planet. Sci. 7, 14, 2020. PDF

8173  Agrawal, S., C. M. Eakin, D. E. Portner, E. E. Rodriguez, and S. L. Beck, The deformational journey of the Nazca Slab from seismic anisotropy, Geophys. Res. Lett. 47, e2020GL087398, 2020. PDF

0011  Alemseged, Z., J. G. Wynn, D. Geraads, D. Reed, W. A. Barr, R. Bobe, S. P. McPherron, A. Deino, M. Alene, M. J. Sier, D. Roman, and J. Mohan, Fossils from Mille-Logya, Afar, Ethiopia, elucidate the link between Pliocene environmental changes and Homo origins, Nature Commun. 11, 2480, 2020. PDF

8164  Astudillo-Defru, N., R. Cloutier, S. X. Wang, J. Teske, R. Brahm, C. Hellier, G. Ricker, R. Vanderspek, D. Latham, S. Seager, J. N. Winn, J. M. Jenkins, K. A. Collins, K. G. Stassun, C. Ziegler, J. M. Almenara, D. R. Anderson, E. Artigau, X. Bonfils, F. Bouchy, C. Briceño, R. P. Butler, D. Charbonneau, D. M. Conti, J. Crane, I. J. M. Crossfield, M. Davies, X. Delfosse, R. F. Díaz, R. Doyon, D. Dragomir, J. D. Eastman, N. Espinoza, Z. Essack, F. Feng, P. Figueira, T. Forveille, T. Gan, A. Glidden, N. Guerrero, R. Hart, Th. Henning, E. P. Horch, G. Isopi, J. S. Jenkins, A. Jordán, J. F. Kielkopf, N. Law, C. Lovis, F. Mallia, A. W. Mann, J. R. de Medeiros, C. Melo, R. E. Mennickent, L. Mignon, F. Murgas, D. A. Nusdeo, F. Pepe, H. M. Relles, M. Rose, N. C. Santos, D. Ségransan, S. Shectman, A. Shporer, J. C. Smith, P. Torres, S. Udry, J. Villasenor, J .G. Winters, and G. Zhou, A hot terrestrial planet orbiting the bright M dwarf L 168-9 unveiled by TESS, Astron. Astrophys. 636, A58, 2020. PDF

8168  Bakos, G. Á., D. Bayliss, J. Bento, W. Bhatti, R. Brahm, Z. Csubry, N. Espinoza, J. D. Hartman, T. Henning, A. Jordán, L. Mancini, K. Penev, M. Rabus, P. Sarkis, V. Suc, M. de Val-Borro, G. Zhou, R. P. Butler, J. Crane, S. Durkan, S. Shectman, J. Kim, J. Lázár, I. Papp, P. Sári, G. Ricker, R. Vanderspek, D. W. Latham, S. Seager, J. N. Winn, J. Jenkins, A. D. Chacon, G. Fűrész, B. Goeke, J. Li, S. Quinn, E. V. Quintana, P. Tenenbaum, J. Teske, M. Vezie, L. Yu, C. Stockdale, P. Evans, and H. M. Relles, HATS-71b: a giant planet transiting an M3 dwarf star in TESS Sector 1, Astron. J. 159, 267, 2020. PDF

8136  Barnes, R., R. Luger, R. Deitrick, P. Driscoll, T. R. Quinn, D. P. Fleming, H. Smotherman, D. V. McDonald, C. Wilhelm, R. Garcia, P. Barth, B. Guyer, V. S. Meadows, C. M. Bitz, P. Gupta, S. D. Domagal-Goldman, and J. Armstrong, VPLanet: the virtual planet simulator, Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific 132, 024502, 2020. PDF

5911  Basu, A., M. R. Field, D. G. McCulloch, and R. Boehler, New measurement of melting and thermal conductivity of iron close to outer core conditions, Geosci. Front. 11, 565-568, 2020. PDF

0004  Bauer, A. M., J. R. Reimink, T. Chacko, B. J. Foley, S. B. Shirey, and D. G. Pearson, Hafnium isotopes in zircons document the gradual onset of mobile-lid tectonics, Geochem. Perspect. Lett. 14, 1-6, 2020. PDF

5900  Bazarkina, E. F., I.-M. Chou, A. F. Goncharov, and N. N. Akinfiev, The behavior of H2 in aqueous fluids under high temperature and pressure, Elements 16, 33-38, 2020. PDF

8120  Bonaccorso, A., G. Currenti, A. Linde, S. Sacks, and A. Sicali, Advances in understanding intrusive, explosive and effusive processes as revealed by the borehole dilatometer network on Mt. Etna volcano, Front. Earth Sci. 7, 357, 2020. PDF

5882  Bonneville, S. C., F. Delpomdor, A. Préat, C. Chevalier, T. Araki, M. Kazemian, A. Steele, A. Schreiber, R. Wirth, and L. G. Benning, Molecular identification of fungi microfossils in a Neoproterozoic shale rock, Sci. Adv. 6, eaax7599, 2020. PDF

0052  Boss, A. P., C. M. O’D. Alexander, and M. Podolak, Evolution of CAI-sized particles during FU Orionis outbursts. I. Particle trajectories in protoplanetary disks with beta cooling, Astrophys. J. 901, 81, 2020. PDF

0010  Boujibar, A., P. Driscoll, and Y. Fei, Super‐Earth internal structures and initial thermal states, J. Geophys. Res. Planets 125, e2019JE006124, 2020. PDF

5861  Boujibar, A., K. Righter, E. S. Bullock, Z. Du, and Y. Fei, Segregation of Na, K, Rb and Cs into the cores of Earth, Mars and Vesta constrained with partitioning experiments, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 269, 622-638, 2020. PDF

____  Bullock, E. S., A. J. Locock, A. von der Handt, M. A. Dungan, J. H. Fournelle, and J. J. Donovan, Including the oxidation state of iron to improve matrix corrections in EPMA analyses, Microsc. Microanal., in press. ____  Burt, J. A., L. D. Nielsen, S. N. Quinn, E. E. Mamajek, E. C. Matthews, G. Zhou, J. V. Seidel, C. X. Huang, E. Lopez, M. Soto, J. Otegi, K. G. Stassun, L. Kreidberg, K. A. Collins, J. D. Eastman, J. E. Rodriquez, S. P. Halverson, J. K. Teske, S. X. Wang, R. P. Butler, F. Bouchy, X. Dumusque, D. Segransen, S. A. Shectman, J. D. Crane, F. Feng, B. T. Montet, A. D. Feinstein, Y. Buletski, E. Flowers, M. Günther, T. Daylan, K. I. Collins, D. M. Conti, T. Gan, E. L. N. Jensen, J. F. Kielkopf, T. G. Tan, R. Helled, C. Dorn, J. Haldemann, J. J. Lissauer, G. R. Ricker, R. Vanderspeck, D. W. Latham, S. Seager, J. N. Winn, J. M. Jenkins, J. D. Twicken, J. C. Smith, P. Tenenbaum, S. Cartwright, T. Barclay, J. Pepper, G. Esquerdo, and W. Fong, TOI-824 b: a new planet on the lower edge of the hot Neptune desert, Astron. J., in press. 0016  Bykov, M., S. Chariton, E. Bykova, S. Khandarkhaeva, T. Fedotenko, A. V. Ponomareva, J. Tidholm, F. Tasnádi, I. A. Abrikosov, P. Sedmak, V. Prakapenka, M. Hanfland, H.-P. Liermann, M. Mahmood, A. Goncharov, N. Dubrovinskaia, and L. Dubrovinsky, High-pressure synthesis of metal-inorganic frameworks Hf4N20·N2, WN8·N2, and Os5N28·3N2 with polymeric nitrogen linkers, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 59, 10321-10326, 2020. PDF

5895  Cao, C., X.-M. Liu, C. P. Bataille, and C. Liu, What do Ce anomalies in marine carbonates really mean? A perspective from leaching experiments, Chem. Geol. 532, 119413, 2020. PDF

0046  Carleo, I., D. Gandolfi, O. Barragán, J. H. Livingston, C. M. Persson, K. W. F. Lam, A. Vidotto, M. B. Lund, C. V. D'Angelo, K. A. Collins, L. Fossati, A. W. Howard, D. Kubyshkina, R. Brahm, A. Oklopčić, P. Mollière, S. Redfield, L. M. Serrano, F. Dai, M. Fridlund, F. Borsa, J. Korth, M. Esposito, M. R. Díaz, L. D. Nielsen, C. Hellier, S. Mathur, H. J. Deeg, A. P. Hatzes, S. Benatti, F. Rodler, J. Alarcon, L. Spina, Â. R. G. Santos, I. Georgieva, R. A. García, L. González-Cuesta, G. R. Ricker, R. Vanderspek, D. W. Latham, S. Seager, J. N. Winn, J. M. Jenkins, S. Albrecht, N. M. Batalha, C. Beard, P. T. Boyd, F. Bouchy, J. A. Burt, R. P. Butler, J. Cabrera, A. Chontos, D. R. Ciardi, W. D. Cochran, K. I. Collins, J. D. Crane, I. Crossfield, S. Csizmadia, D. Dragomir, C. Dressing, P. Eigmüller, M. Endl, A. Erikson, N. Espinoza, M. Fausnaugh, F. B. Feng, E. Flowers, B. Fulton, E. J. Gonzales, N. Grieves, S. Grziwa, E. W. Guenther, N. M. Guerrero, T. Henning, D. Hidalgo, T. Hirano, M. Hjorth, D. Huber, H. Isaacson, M. Jones, A. Jordán, P. Kabáth, S. R. Kane, E. Knudstrup, J. Lubin, R. Luque, I. Mireles, N. Narita, D. Nespral, P. Niraula, G. Nowak, E. Palle, M. Pätzold, E. A. Petigura, J. Prieto-Arranz, H. Rauer, P. Robertson, M. E. Rose, A. Roy, P. Sarkis, J. E. Schlieder, D. Ségransan, S. Shectman, M. Skarka, A. M. S. Smith, J. C. Smith, K. Stassun, J. Teske, J. D. Twicken, V. Van Eylen, S. R. Wang, L. M. Weiss, and A. Wyttenbach, The multiplanet system TOI-421: a warm Neptune and a super puffy mini-Neptune transiting a G9 V star in a visual binary, Astron. J. 160, 114, 2020. PDF

0017  Carlson, R. W., Plate tectonics from crust to core, Nature Geosci. 13, 461-462, 2020. PDF

8131  Cartier, C., O. Namur, L. R. Nittler, S. Z. Weider, E. Crapster-Pregont, A. Vorburger, E. A. Frank, and B. Charlier, No FeS layer in Mercury?         Evidence from Ti/Al measured by MESSENGER, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 534, 116108, 2020. PDF

____  Castle, N., A. Treiman, C. N. Achilles, D. F. Blake, T. F. Bristow, S. J. Chipera, P. I. Craig, G. W. Downs, R. T. Downs, R. M. Hazen, D. W. Ming, R. V. Morris, S. M. Morrison, J. M. Morookian, E. B. Rampe, V. Tu, D. T. Vaniman, R. Walroth, and M. Wilson, Detection and quantification of minor phases in CheMin X-ray diffraction results from Mars, ACS Earth Space Chem., in press. 8156  Cataldi, G., Y. Wu, A. Brandeker, N. Ohashi, A. Moór, G. Olofsson, P. Ábrahám, R. Asensio-Torres, M. Cavallius, W. R. F. Dent, C. Grady, T. Henning, A. E. Higuchi, A. M. Hughes, M. Janson, I. Kamp, A. Kóspál, S. Redfield, A. Roberge, A. Weinberger, and B. Welsh, The surprisingly low carbon mass in the debris disk around HD 32297, Astrophys. J. 892, 99, 2020. PDF

8172  Chambers, J., The effect of seafloor weathering on planetary habitability, Astrophys. J. 896, 96, 2020. PDF

8183  Chan, Q. H. S., I. A. Franchi, X. Zhao, A. Stephant, I. P. Wright, and C. M. O'D. Alexander, Organics preserved in anhydrous interplanetary dust particles: pristine or not? Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 55, 1320-1348, 2020. PDF

8179  Chen, C., J. Mazoyer, C. A. Poteet, B. Ren, G. Duchêne, J. Hom, P. Arriaga, M. A. Millar-Blanchaer, J. Arnold, V. P. Bailey, J. S. Bruzzone, J. Chilcote, É. Choquet, R. J. De Rosa, Z. H. Draper, T. M. Esposito, M. P. Fitzgerald, K. B. Follette, P. Hibon, D. C. Hines, P. Kalas, F. Marchis, B. Matthews, J. Milli, J. Patience, M. D. Perrin, L. Pueyo, A. Rajan, F. T. Rantakyrö, T. J. Rodigas, G. M. Roudier, G. Schneider, R. Soummer, C. Stark, J. J. Wang, K. Ward-Duong, A. J. Weinberger, D. J. Wilner, and S. Wolff, Multiband GPI imaging of the HR 4796A debris disk, Astrophys. J. 898, 55, 2020. PDF

0015  Cheng, P., X. Yang, X. Zhang, Y. Wang, S. Jiang, and A. F. Goncharov, Polymorphism of polymeric nitrogen at high pressures, J. Chem. Phys. 152, 244502, 2020. PDF

0012  Clement, M. S., and N. A. Kaib, Orbital precession in the distant solar system: further constraining the Planet Nine hypothesis with numerical simulations, Astron. J. 159, 285, 2020. PDF

8186  Clement, M. S., N. A. Kaib, and J. E. Chambers, Embryo formation with GPU acceleration: reevaluating the initial conditions for terrestrial accretion, Planet. Sci. J. 1, 18, 2020. PDF

8143  Clement, M. S., A. Morbidelli, S. N. Raymond, and N. A. Kaib, A record of the final phase of giant planet migration fossilized in the asteroid belt's orbital structure, Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. Lett. 492, L56-L60, 2020. PDF

0029  Cody, G. D., M. Ackerson, C. Beaumont, D. Foustoukos, C. Le Losq, and B. O. Mysen, Revisiting water speciation in hydrous alumino-silicate glasses: a discrepancy between solid-state 1H NMR and NIR spectroscopy in the determination of X-OH and H2O, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 285, 150-174, 2020. PDF

5893  Cousins, C. R., S. Mikhail, F. Foucher, A. Steele, and F. Westall, Metamorphic evolution of carbonate-hosted microbial biosignatures, Geochem. Perspect. Lett. 12, 40-45, 2020. PDF

8123  Damasso, M., F. Del Sordo, G. Anglada-Escudé, P. Giacobbe, A. Sozzetti, A. Morbidelli, G. Pojmanski, D. Barbato, R. P. Butler, H. R. A. Jones, F.-J. Hambsch, J. S. Jenkins, M. J. López-González, N. Morales, P. A. Peña Rojas, C. Rodríguez-López, E. Rodríguez, P. J. Amado, G. Anglada, F. B. Feng, and J. F. Gómez, A low-mass planet candidate orbiting Proxima Centauri at a distance of 1.5 AU, Science Adv. 6, eaax7467, 2020. PDF

8116  Daniels, C., Z. Peng, Q. Wu, S. Ni, X. Meng, D. Yao, L. S. Wagner, and K. M. Fischer, The 15 February 2014 Mw 4.1 South Carolina earthquake sequence: aftershock productivity, hypocentral depths, and stress drops, Seismol. Res. Lett. 91, 452-464, 2020. PDF

8170  Deca, J., D. J. Hemingway, A. Divin, C. Lue, A. R. Poppe, I. Garrick-Bethell, B. Lembège, and M. Horányi, Simulating the Reiner Gamma swirl: the long-term effect of solar wind standoff, J. Geophys. Res. Planets 125, e2019JE006219, 2020. PDF

0027  Díaz, M. R., J. M. Jenkins, F. Feng, R. P. Butler, M. Tuomi, S. A. Shectman, D. Thorngren, M. G. Soto, J. I. Vines, J. K. Teske, D. Dragomir, S. Villanueva, S. R. Kane, Z. M. Berdiñas, J. D. Crane, S. X. Wang, and P. Arriagada, The Magellan/PFS Exoplanet Search: a 55-day period dense Neptune transiting the bright (V=8.6) star HD 95338, Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 496, 4330-4341, 2020. PDF

5939  Doucette, G. S., H.-T. Huang, J. M. Munro, K. T. Munson, C. Park, J. E. Anthony, T. Strobel, I. Dabo, J. V. Badding, and J. B. Asbury, Tuning triplet-pair separation versus relaxation using a diamond anvil cell, Cell Rep. Phys. Sci. 1, 100005, 2020. PDF

____  Duffy, J., J. Wrighton, and K. Luo, Local pressure for inhomogeneous fluids, AIChE J., in press. 5929  Dugu, S., M. K. Bhattarai, S. Kumari, A. A. Instan, D. K. Pradhan, M. Holcomb, J. F. Scott, and R. S. Katiyar, Observation of relaxor-ferroelectric behavior in gallium ferrite thin films, Appl. Surf. Sci. 523, 146459, 2020. 5912  Dugu, S., S. Kumari, D. K. Pradhan, C. Zuluaga Gómez, M. Holcomb, and R. S. Katiyar, Tuning the magnetic phase transition above room temperature through Fe and Mn modification in gallium ferrite with reduced leakage current, J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 53, 225001, 2020. PDF

____  Elardo, S. M., Lunar magma ocean theory, origins, and rationale, in Encyclopedia of Lunar Science, B. Cudnik, ed., Springer, in press. 5913  Elardo, S. M., M. Laneuville, F. M. McCubbin, and C. K. Shearer, Early crust building enhanced on the Moon's nearside by mantle melting-point depression, Nature Geosci. 13, 339-343, 2020. PDF

0009  Errmann, R., N. Cook, G. Anglada-Escudé, S. Sithajan, D. Mkrtichian, E. Semenko, W. Martin, T. S. Tanvir, F. Feng, J. L. Collett, and H. R. A. Jones, HiFLEx—A highly flexible package to reduce cross-dispersed echelle spectra, Publ. Astron. Soc. Pacific 132, 064504, 2020. PDF

8158  Ertel, S., D. Defrère, P. Hinz, B. Mennesson, G. M. Kennedy, W. C. Danchi, C. Gelino, J. M. Hill, W. F. Hoffmann, J. Mazoyer, G. Rieke, A. Shannon, K. Stapelfeldt, E. Spalding, J. M. Stone, A. Vaz, A. J. Weinberger, P. Willems, O. Absil, P. Arbo, V. P. Bailey, C. Beichman, G. Bryden, E. C. Downey, O. Durney, S. Esposito, A. Gaspar, P. Grenz, C. A. Haniff, J. M. Leisenring, L. Marion, T. J. McMahon, R. Millan-Gabet, M. Montoya, K. M. Morzinski, S. Perera, E. Pinna, J.-U. Pott, J. Power, A. Puglisi, A. Roberge, E. Serabyn, A. J. Skemer, K. Y. L. Su, V. Vaitheeswaran, and M. C. Wyatt, The HOSTS survey for exozodiacal dust: observational results from the complete survey, Astron. J. 159, 177, 2020. PDF

0028  Facchini, S., M. Benisty, J. Bae, R. Loomis, L. Perez, M. Ansdell, S. Mayama, P. Pinilla, R. Teague, A. Isella, and A. Mann, Annular substructures in the transition disks around LkCa 15 and J1610, Astron. Astrophys. 639, A121, 2020. PDF

8119  Feng, F., R. P. Butler, S. A. Shectman, J. D. Crane, S. Vogt, J. Chambers, H. R. A. Jones, S. X. Wang, J. K. Teske, J. Burt, M. R. Díaz, and I. B. Thompson, Search for nearby Earth analogs. II. Detection of five new planets, eight planet candidates, and confirmation of three planets around nine nearby M dwarfs, Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. 246, 11, 2020. [Erratum published in Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser. 247, 36, 2020.] PDF

____  Feng, F., S. A. Shectman, M. S. Clement, S. S. Vogt, M. Tuomi, J. K. Teske, J. Burt, J. D. Crane, B. Holden, S. X. Wang, I. B. Thompson, M. R. Diaz, and R. P. Butler, Search for nearby Earth analogs. III. Detection of ten new planets, three planet candidates, and confirmation of three planets around eleven nearby M dwarfs, Astrophys. J. Suppl. Ser., in press. 8160  Fischer, R. A., E. Cottrell, E. Hauri, K. K. M. Lee, and M. Le Voyer, The carbon content of Earth and its core, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 117, 8743-8749, 2020. PDF

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