FEniCS'19 at DTM

June 12, 2019
FEniCS Project

The FEniCS‘19 conference is an opportunity for all those interested in the FEniCS Project and related projects to exchange ideas, communicate their results and network with the automated scientific computing community.

No Seminar

June 6, 2019
Weekly Seminar Series

DTM's Neighborhood Lecture Series will resume June 20, 2019.

Planet Formation and Evolution in the Big Data Era

May 30, 2019
Weekly Seminar Series
Kevin Schlaufman // Johns Hopkins University

Kevin Schlaufman will present his lecture in the Greenewalt Lecture Hall at Carnegie's Broad Branch Road Campus.

Coffee, tea, and a light breakfast will be served before the lecture, at 10:30 a.m.

Shocking minerals: from meteorite impacts to exoplanets

May 23, 2019
Neighborhood Lecture Series
Sally June Tracy

In this talk, Tracy will review new results using high-intensity pulsed x-rays to examine the crystal structure of shock- compressed minerals.