DTM Hosts Chesapeake Bay Area Exoplanet Meeting

Wednesday, May 23, 2018 

The Department of Terrestrial Magnetism hosted this year's second Chesapeake Bay Area Exoplanet (CHEXO) meeting at the Carnegie Broad Branch Road Campus in Washington, DC on Friday May 18, 2018.

Scientists from various universities and research centers in the Chesapeake Bay area gave talks on different exoplanet-related topics at the day-long meeting organized by DTM's theoretical astrophysicist Alan Boss.

CHEXO at Carnegie BBR

Scroll through to see pictures of the meeting. View full album via Flickr: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmm6xfar.

DTM postdocs Jonathan Gagné and Meredith MacGregor gave presentations during the meeting, which also featured NASA's Exoplanet Exploration Program Chief Scientist Karl Stapelfeldt as the invited speaker.

Gagné's talk focused on young stars and planetary-mass objects in the solar neighborhood, and MacGregor talked about the massive stellar flare from Proxima Centauri detected in late February. DTM planetary formation theorist John Chambers also gave a talk focusing on optimization of planet formation models.

DTM's Meredith MacGregor at the second CHEXO meeting of 2018. Photo by Roberto Molar Candanosa, DTM.

The meeting brought together speakers from institutions such as the Space Telescope Science Institute, University of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University.

Planned to be held several times each year, CHEXO meetings enable sharing of ideas, expertise building, and collaborative research.

Learn more: http://chexo.org/