Lara Wagner Explores One of the Planet's Lingering Geological Mysteries in Discovery's North America Inside Out


DTM seismologist Lara Wagner explores one of the planet's lingering geological mysteries in this new video, North American Inside Outfrom Discovery.


The GMT Groundbreaking Ceremony in Chile with Serge Dieterich


Serge Dieterich, NSF postdoctoral fellow at DTM, helped with the groundbreaking ceremonies for the Giant Magellan Telescope at Carnegie's Las Campanas Observatory in Chile on 11 November 2015. Below is Dieterich's first-hand account of the ceremony. 

"When finished, GMT will be a 25 meter diameter optical telescope that will allow Carnegie scientists, as well as scientists from other GMT Consortium members, unprecedented insights into the early universe, star and planet formation, action, and the search for life in other planets."


Steve Shirey Presides Over Events at the Mineralogical Society of America's 96th Meeting

GSA 2015

Steven Shirey, the 2015 President of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA), presided over events at its 96th Annual Meeting.


Surprise: Stretchy Slabs in Deep Earth

Lara Wagner

New observations from an international geophysics team, including Carnegie’s Lara Wagner, suggest that the standard belief that the Earth’s rigid tectonic plates stay strong when they slide under another plate and sink into the deep Earth may not be universal. Instead, the new work suggests that the Nazca slab in Perú may be relatively weak and deforms easily.


Photo Essay: Seismic Fieldwork on Alaskan Volcanoes


Scientists have a relatively good understanding of the processes occurring in the upper portions of Earth's crust that lead to volcanic activity. However, much remains unknown about how these shallow processes are controlled by the large-scale tectonics and deep mantle processes that are ultimately responsible for volcanism. 

A NSF-funded group led by DTM seismologist Diana Roman headed to Alaska for three weeks, two of which were spent on the research vessel Maritime Maid, to collect seismic data in the Islands of the Four Mountains and tephra samples throughout the eastern Aleutians. 


Postdoc Workshop: Writing Job Applications

Job Applications

Steve Shirey and Lara Wagner led a postdoc workshop on the techniques behind writing teaching and research statements for a job application on Tuesday, 17 November 2015 in the library's Abelson Collaborative Center.