Postdoc Spotlights

Postdoc Spotlight: Zack Torrano Solves Cosmic Mysteries Using Solar System’s Oldest Solids

Zack Torrano Banner Image

In this postdoc spotlight, Zack Torrano explains how his recent research showed that the oldest solids in our Solar System preserved Ti isotopic variability inherited from the materials from which our Solar System formed. He also discusses how his early love of nature inspired him to want to explore and understand our world and its place in the Universe.


Postdoc Spotlight: Irina Chuvashova Finds New Ways to Measure Materials Under Pressure

Irina Chuvashova in the Lab with COVID19 Mask - Coronavirus Materials Science

In this Postdoc Spotlight interview, materials scientist Irina Chuvashova discusses her recent work and explores what inspired her to become a materials scientist. She also lays out what comes after she finishes her postdoc in September.  


Postdoc Spotlight: Peng Ni - Geochemical Detective

Peng Ni holds a piece of iron meteorite. Thin for news tile

In this Postdoc Spotlight, Ni discusses how he got interested in experimental geochemistry, his most recent publication, and his love of photography.


Postdoc Spotlight: Modelling Mid-Ocean Ridges with Joyce Sim

Joyce Sim in Kamchatka

Joyce Sim recently published two papers that looked at mantle melting, magma, and crust creation at mid-ocean ridges. In this month’s Postdoc Spotlight, we sat down with Sim over Zoom to discuss these two papers, what it means to be a scientist, and her hopes for the future of geodynamics. 


Postdoc Spotlight: Li Zhu Codes the Roadmap to New Materials

Li Zhu shows off the newly discovered carbon clathrate molecule

Thomas Edison invented the first successful lightbulb after thousands of failed trials. His discovery of that perfect incandescent carbon filament literally lit up the world. But what if he had had a recipe to speed up the process?  That recipe is exactly what Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow Li Zhu aims to bring to future engineers, scientists, and inventors! 


Postdoc Spotlight: Listening to Volcanoes with Kathleen McKee

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Volcanoes are notoriously hard to read. Luckily for us, Kathleen McKee is a volcano whisperer. She uses field measurements and computer models to interpret a volcano's seismic and acoustic waves. As a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Earth and Planets Laboratory (EPL), McKee travels the world listening to volcanoes, building models, and helping us to understand what is happening inside the Earth so that we can mitigate potential hazards.