October 2014 DTM Publications List

Andrews-Hanna, J. C., J. Besserer, J. W. Head III, C. J. A. Howett, W. S. Kiefer, P. J. Lucey, P. J. McGovern, H. J. Melosh, G. A. Neumann, R. J. Phillips, P. M. Schenk, D. E. Smith, S. C. Solomon, and M. T. Zuber, Structure and evolution of the lunar Procellarum region as revealed by GRAIL gravity dataNature 514, 68-71, 2014.

Canitano, A., P. Bernard, A. T. Linde, S. Sacks, and F. Boudin, Correcting high-resolution borehole strainmeter data from complex external influences and partial-solid coupling:  the case of Trizonia, Rift of Corinth (Greece)Pure Appl. Geophys. 171, 1759-1790, 2014.

Rodriguez, D. R., B. Zuckerman, J. K. Faherty, and L. Vican, A dusty M5 binary in the β Pictoris moving groupAstron. Astrophys. 567, A20, 2014.

Schneider, G., C. A. Grady, D. C. Hines, C. C. Stark, J. H. Debes, J. Carson, M. J. Kuchner, M. D. Perrin, A. J. Weinberger, J. P. Wisniewski, M. D. Silverstone, H. Jang-Condell, T. Henning, B. E. Woodgate, E. Serabyn, A. Moro-Martin, M. Tamura, P. M. Hinz, and T. J. Rodigas, Probing for exoplanets hiding in dusty debris disks:  disk imaging, characterization, and exploration with HST/STIS multi-roll coronagraphyAstron. J. 148, 59, 2014.