Anat Shahar
Staff Scientist

Staff Scientist Anat Shahar

Research Interests

Geochemistry; high pressure; planetary science


B.S., Geological Engineering, Cornell University, 2002; M.E., Geological Sciences, Cornell University, 2003; Ph.D., Geochemistry, UCLA, 2008

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Shahar loves science, especially when it is interdisciplinary, so she is involved in research in isotope geochemistry, experimental petrology, mineral physics, astronomy, and cosmochemistry. Her interests include stable isotope fractionation mechanisms; planetary differentiation; early Solar System evolution; terrestrial planet formation; experimental determination of fractionation factors; high-pressure and temperature experiments; laser ablation, and MC-ICPMS techniques.

Stable isotope geochemistry is the study of how physical and chemical processes can cause isotopic fractionation in natural substances. Experimental petrology is a lab-based approach to increasing the pressure and temperature of materials to simulate natural conditions within the Earth or other planetary bodies. In her current research she combines methods from these two fields in order to determine fractionation mechanisms that will enhance our understanding of how the Solar System evolved prior to planet formation and how planets and planetesimals formed and differentiated.