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DTM and GL are merging, combining our more than a century of cutting-edge studies of the natural world to allow a broader and more interdisciplinary investigation of the origin and evolution of planets and the materials from which they are made. Stay tuned for further details of the exciting synergies and new research directions we intend to pursue.

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Global Extremes in Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Properties
Karen Fischer (Weekly Seminar Series)
Thursday, March 5, 2020 - 11:00

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Diamonds are a Geologist's Best Friend

Diamonds are a Geologists Best Friend

Diamonds may adorn the crowns of kings and engagement rings, but they are genuinely a geologist’s best friend. Here at Carnegie Science, we use diamonds for more than their stunning sparkle. From revealing planetary formation to exploring efficient energy, here are four ways Carnegie Scientists look to diamonds to better understand our world.

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