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Scientists at the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism (DTM) bring the perspective of several disciplines to broad questions about nature. DTM's name comes from its original role to chart the Earth's magnetic field. This goal was largely accomplished by 1929. Since then, DTM has evolved to reflect the growing multi-disciplinary nature of the Earth, planetary, and astronomical sciences. Today, the historic goal remains to understand the physical Earth and the universe that is our home.

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"How pore fluid effects drive strain localization and rapid weakening during earthquakes"
John Platt (DTM Weekly Seminar Series)
Thursday, September 11, 2014

"Clouds Outside the Solar System: New Observations of Brown Dwarfs"
John Gizis (DTM Weekly Seminar Series)
Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Rizo Collected Ancient Rocks from One of the Oldest Terrains on Earth

Hanika Rizo

While in pursuit of her research about early Earth’s evolution, DTM Postdoc Hanika Rizo collected rock samples from an ancient terrain in the polar bear populated Canadian province of Northern Labrador this summer.

In collaboration with DTM Acting Director, Rick Carlson, and former postdoctoral fellow Jonathan O’Neil (University of Ottawa), Rizo gathered rock samples of both volcanic and sedimentary origins that could shed a new light to the geological processes that shaped our planet. 

Faherty and Team Discovered Water Ice Clouds on a Brown Dwarf Just 7.3 Light-Years from Earth


Just 7.3 light-years from Earth, astronomers have found signs of water ice clouds on a the coldest giant brown dwarf ever found.    

DTM Postdoc Jackie Faherty and team scanned the sky for three nights in May using the 6.5-meter Magellan Baade telescope in Chile to take 151 near-infrared images, which later revealed the discovery.

The report will appear in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. 

Read the full story by Ken Croswell in Science here. 

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DTM scientists regularly explore our planet and the universe. Along the way they capture images of stunning landscapes, geophysical processes and data visualizations.

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Water Clouds

Faherty and team discover water ice clouds on a brown dwarf just 7.3 light-years from Earth.

Hanika Rizo

DTM Postdoc Hanika Rizo spots a polar bear while doing fieldwork in the beautiful Canadian province of Northern Labrador this summer.

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