DTM Contributions 2017-2018

(Updated through 2 July 2018)

7823   Agrosì, G., G. Tempesta, D. Mele, I. Allegretta, R. Terzano, S. B. Shirey, D. G. Pearson, and F. Nestola, Non-destructive, multi-method, internal analysis of multiple inclusions in a single diamond: first occurrence of mackinawite (Fe,Ni)1+xS, Am. Mineral. 102, 2235-2243, 2017. PDF

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7904   Bae, J., and Z. Zhu, Planet-driven spiral arms in protoplanetary disks.  I. Formation mechanism, Astrophys. J. 859, 118, 2018. PDF

7905   Bae, J., and Z. Zhu, Planet-driven spiral arms in protoplanetary disks.  II. Implications, Astrophys. J. 859, 119, 2018. PDF

7869   Bae, J., Z. Zhu, and L. Hartmann, On the formation of multiple concentric rings and gaps in protoplanetary disks, Astrophys. J. 850, 201, 2017. PDF

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7831   Beamín, J. C., D. Minniti, J. B. Pullen, V. D. Ivanov, E. Bendek, A. Bayo, M. Gromadzki, R. Kurtev, P. W. Lucas, and R. P. Butler, Searching for faint comoving companions to the α Centauri system in the VVV survey infrared images, Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 472, 3952-3958, 2017. PDF

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7825   Bielskas, A., and S. J. Hardy, Open access publishing trends at two geoscience research organizations: Columbia University and Carnegie Institution for Science, in Four Years of Earth Science Information:  Exploring Data, Access, and More, M. Hudson, ed., pp. 196-202, GSIS Proceedings, Vol. 44, Geoscience Information Society, Alexandria, Virginia, 2017. PDF

7838   Bishop, B. T., S. L. Beck, G. Zandt, L. Wagner, M. Long, S. K. Antonijevic, A. Kumar, and H. Tavera, Causes and consequences of flat-slab subduction in southern Peru, Geosphere 13, 1392-1407, 2017. PDF

7893   Bishop, B. T., S. L. Beck, G. Zandt, L. S. Wagner, M. D. Long, and H. Tavera, Foreland uplift during flat subduction: insights from the Peruvian Andes and Fitzcarrald Arch, Tectonophysics 731, 73-84, 2018. PDF

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7880   Bochanski, J. J., J. K. Faherty, J. Gagné, O. Nelson, K. Coker, I. Smithka, D. Desir, and C. Vasquez, Fundamental properties of co-moving stars observed by Gaia, Astron. J. 155, 149, 2018. PDF

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7906   Carlson, R. W., T. L. Grove, and J. M. Donnelly-Nolan, Origin of primitive tholeiitic and calc-alkaline basalts at Newberry Volcano, Oregon, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. 19, 1360-1377, doi:10.1029/2018GC007454, 2018. PDF

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7822   Chambers, J., Steamworlds: atmospheric structure and critical mass of planets accreting icy pebbles, Astrophys. J. 849, 30, 2017. PDF

7873   Chen, C.-W., H.-F. Huang, S. Hautmann, I. S. Sacks, A. T. Linde, and T. Taira, Resonance oscillations of the Soufrière Hills Volcano (Montserrat, W.I.) magmatic system induced by forced magma flow from the reservoir into the upper plumbing dike, J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res. 350, 7-17, 2018. PDF

7848   Chin, E. J., K. Shimizu, G. M. Bybee, and M. E. Erdman, On the development of the calc-alkaline and tholeiitic magma series: a deep crustal cumulate perspective, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 482, 277-287, 2018. PDF

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7819   De Gregorio, B. T., R. M. Stroud, L. R. Nittler, and A. L. D. Kilcoyne, Evidence for reduced, carbon-rich regions in the solar nebula from an unusual cometary dust particle, Astrophys. J. 848, 113, 2017. PDF

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7851   Gagné, J., K. N. Allers, C. A. Theissen, J. K. Faherty, D. Bardalez Gagliuffi, and É. Artigau, 2MASS J13243553+6358281 is an early T-type planetary-mass object in the AB Doradus moving group, Astrophys. J. Lett. 854, L27, 2018. PDF

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____   Line, M. R., M. S. Marley, M. C. Liu, B. Burningham, C. V. Morley, N. R. Hinkel, J. Teske, J. J. Fortney, R. Lupu, and R. Freedman, Uniform atmospheric retrieval analysis of ultracool dwarfs II. Properties of 11 T-dwarfs, Astrophys. J., in press.

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