Third Annual GL/DTM Poster Session

Poster Session

May 9, 2017
Annual Poster Session

The 3rd Annual DTM/GL Poster Session* will take place at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 9, 2017, in the Tuve Dining Hall in which anyone on campus is invited to share recent results, crazy ideas, pictures, a video, or a demo of a recent invention. 

The annual poster session, planned this year by DTM postdocs Miki Nakajima and Erika Nesvold and Geophysical Laboratory postdoc Zachary Gaballe, aims to provide Carnegie postdocs, staff scientists, and admin a chance to see what others on campus have been working on. The hosts encourage participants to share ideas about anything related to the on-goings at BBR—data, models, publishing, building engineering, machining, electronics, microscopy, paying taxes, accounting, IT developments, lunch club innovations, etc.

Last year, the session was comprised of 42 original posters. Topics ranged from astronomy to material physics, drawing in more than 60 attendees. A buzz of excitement enveloped the room that afternoon, as participants and attendees mingled together going poster to poster to share their science with each other.

*This event is open to Carnegie personnel only.

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