Fingerprinting Crustal Contamination in Magmatic Systems Using Multiple Sulfur Isotopes: A Case Study of the Bushveld Complex, South Africa

January 31, 2019
DTM Weekly Seminar Series
Nivea Magalhaes

Seminar presented by Nivea Magalhaes, of the University of Maryland

Hotspot Lavas: A Window Into Mantle Dynamics

Tim Jones

January 24, 2019
DTM Weekly Seminar Series
Tim Jones

Tim Jones, from DTM's geophysics team, will present his lecture at 11 a.m. EDT on September 20, 2018, in the Greenewalt Lecture Hall as part of DTM's Weekly Seminar Series.

Coffee, tea, and a light breakfast will be served before the lecture, at 10:30 a.m.

Forecasting the Eruption of an Open-Vent Volcano Using Resonant Infrasound Tones

January 10, 2019
DTM Weekly Seminar Series
Jeffrey Johnson

Seminar presented by Jeffrey Johnson, of Boise State University.

2018 AGU Fall Meeting

December 10, 2018
Annual Conference

This will be the first year the AGU Fall Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C.

Follow DTM via social media for updates on scientists attending the meeting.

For more info on the meeting, visiti: