DTM Scientists at Goldschmidt 2018 Meeting

Wednesday, August 15, 2018 

A group photo including current and former Department of Terrestrial Magnetism and Geophysical Laboratory scientists during the Goldschmidt 2018 conference held in Boston. Picture courtesy Asaf Gelber, DTM.

DTM scientists Rick Carlson, Mary Horan, Peter van Keken, Steve Shirey, Tim Jones, Miki Nakajima, Brad Peters, Jesse Reimink, My Riebe, Kei Shimizu, and Jonathan Tucker will present their research at the annual Goldschmidt conference held on August 12-17 in Boston.

Access their abstracts:

Rick Carlson: Creating Earth's Most Ancient Crust

Mary Horan: Optimizing Precision in 142-Nd TIMS Analysis: Faraday Cup Performance

Peter van Keken: Mafic High-Pressure Rocks are Preferentially Exhumed from Warm Subduction Settings

Steve Shirey: Petrogenesis of Siquieros FZ & Off-Axis Seamounts: Os Isotopic and Trace Element Constraints

Miki Nakajima: Origin of the Martian Moons and their Volatile Abundances

Tim Jones: Tungsten Isotopes in Mantle Plumes: Heads its Positive, Tails its Negative

Brad Peters: The Hadean Geochemical Heritage of the Réunion Hotspot Source

Jesse Reimink: The Diverse Origins of Cratonic Nuclei-A Perspective from the Slave Craton

My Riebe: Heterogeneous Distribution of Presolar SiC in the Tagish Lake Meteorite

Kei Shimizu: The Role of Melt-Rock Interaction on the CO2/Ba Ratio of Depleted MORBs

Jonathan Tucker: A High Carbon Content of the Hawaiian Mantle from Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions